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Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA

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CandidaCrush was uniquely formulated with a proprietary herbal extraction of (several well-known and much-loved) plants 

-and NO, NOT EVER, NEVER any artificial ingredients or preservatives 

that know just what to do to help maintain your beautifully balanced gut flora. This is vital to our overall health, which begins in having great digestive health. 

EPF detox


Formulated to support and optimize every critically important body function, this natural plant-derived essence is making cells happy, happy, happy...all over the world. Your cells work hard each day to detoxify, to create hormones, to digest and absorb and to keep you alive and thriving. Miror EPF is the perfect formula to provide assistance. Miror EPF is a proprietary herbal extraction of (several well-known and much-loved) plants - and NO, NOT EVER, NEVER any artificial ingredients or preservatives

Organic Sulfur Crystals


Organic Sulfur is crucial for optimal health and wellness. It gives your cells the critical support they need for healthy bones, joints, muscles, cells, skin & hair.

• Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Crystals are the largest crystals on the market for the maximum effect at the lowest dosages. These are THE MOST premium, 99.9% pure MSM you can get. No fillers, No binders. Double distilled, starting from Quality American DMSO.

Deuterium Depleted Water


HydroHealth extralight water keeps deuterium levels under control, allowing mithocondria, the nano-powerplants in our cells, to function at full capacity and play their role in keeping us young and healthy.

Life Coaching


Quantum Psychology Advances applied through a non-medical modality allows one to become aware and mindful of both the relationship between our automatic responses and what triggers them, as well as the mechanism, itself, of those automatic responses. 

Trained as a *counselor - psychotherapist 

Resource Blog


Belief: When we begin to listen to our soul, there is a shift in our consciousness, allowing for an emergence of the “whole” person, resulting in an overall change to take place!

Mission: Encouraging support and knowledge, toward “whole” person wellness, inner peace, personal growth, and fitness!

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